The Mirante da Guanabara

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Mirante is a Portuguese word meaning "the high view", so our house name is The High View of Guanabara Bay. A name well deserved, but we like the Portuguese version better.
Front of House Facing View  Here you can see that the house has been oriented towards the view.  The rooms here all have two level windows.  The lower level is fixed and includes a guard rail, while the upper level consists of accordian style windows that can be opened to take advantage of the tropical weather.  The ultimate in indoor/outdoor living, Brazilian Style. View from street level  Another view of the front, taken from the street.  This photo shows the small winter garden and the "postcard" window that are part of the third floor living room.  Like most South American homes, the house is surrounded by a high wall, providing both security and privacy. Corner street view  The house enjoys a corner lot.  From here, you can see why we say that the house is perched on the side of a hill. Corner view of street with view  The view from this house is completely unobstructed and cannot be blocked in the future.  This is the same corner, with a view over the top of the neighbors below. Street entrance  The entrance to the property from the automobile gate.
Master Bedroom night interior  From Casa Design 2012.  The Master Bedroom, on the pool deck, features a high ceiling, clerestory windows up top, a seating area, and wall to wall armoir. View from Master Suite  From Casa Design 2012.  From the bed of the Master Suite, the wrap around window wall allows for a spectacular wakeup view of Guanabara Bay and Rio de Janeiro in the distance.  The doors may be fully opened in front when the weather is nice.  Brazilian's call this a "glass curtain". Master Bath  From Casa Design 2012.  The master bathroom is all marble and features a spa tub and a doorless shower. SONY DSC  With the curtains open, the master bath whirlpool spa has a view across the pool deck.  The light above is from the skylight that forms a "light well" down to the main floor. Pool Deck lateral view  From Casa Design 2012.  For most people, the crowning glory of the house is the fourth floor pool deck.
View from front of Master Suite  The view from the Master Suiite when the window wall is open. SONY DSC  One end of the pool has been raised for sunbathing or to accommodate children. SONY DSC  The full size pool on the top floor is about 5 feet deep.  It has a wet bench around the perimeter. SONY DSC  The view from the top floor party room. Reflecting Pool at night  From Casa Design 2012.  At night, the pool can become a reflecting pool, adding mystery to the already romantic setting.
PowderRoom  The powder room features a natural granite wall. Salon2  From Casa Design 2012.  This is a second living room that was furnished for the show.  It uses the space of the largest of the suites.  All bedrooms in the house have a specatucalr view and most have the window wall. 20131019003 SalonMain1  rom Casa Design 2012.  A portion of the main living room.  The blinds are covering the window wall for this photo. SalonMain2  The view of the main living area from the front door.
SalonMainLivingPostcardWindow  The main living area also features a "living postcard window" that showcases the view when you first enter the house. Stairwell sitting area  A sitting area in one of the stairwells.  The house has provision for an elevator seen to the right of this photo. Bedroom1  The smallest of the suiotes. 20131019009 20131019041
Bedroom2  This suite features its own outside entrance. DiningRoom1  The main dining area from Casa Design 2012. DiningRoom2  For Casa Design 2012, another suite was given over to show a different dining room concept.  In this case, the seating was for 12. 20131019045 SONY DSC  Even the ground level features a view and complete privacy.
HomeTheater  From Casa Design 2012, the Home Theater features Italian blue marble and plenty of space. WineCellar  From Casa Design 2012.  The wine cellar has been outfitted to serve as a retreat for entertaining intimate groups. Exterior garden at night  From Casa Design 2012.  The exterior garden features lighting and a small fountain and pond. Gazebo 20131019048
20131019049 20131019066 IMG 4972 20131019109 20131019115
IMG 4997 IMG 5015 House facade lighted  From Casa Design 2012.  The exterior of the house with night time accent lighting.