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Rio Holiday is proud to announce that our new Flagship Property, the Mirante da Guanabara, will be coming online for the winter of 2013.

Our Houses
We offer visitors to Rio 3 very rare private luxury homes for rent. Private Pools, views, and luxury amenities set us apart from the rest.
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Our Services
Our homes are just the start of our story.  We put even more effort into our services to provide you with a carefree Rio vacation experience.
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Guide to Rio
Need help in planning your trip to Rio?  Looking for inside information or things to do? Check out our Guide to Rio de Janeiro for answers.
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Luxury Vacation Home Rentals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Come and see beautiful Rio de Janeiro, one of the most romantic cities in the world!

Now you can visit this tropical paradise in luxury and style.  Rio Holiday is proud to offer 3 very rare luxury rental homes in Rio de Janeiro.  From drivers to tour guides, we have everything that you need to enjoy a fabulous vacation in Brazil!

Rio Holiday is different than anything else you will find in Rio!

And we are pretty proud of it.  These are three private luxury villas, for the exclusive use of you and your traveling companions.  We are not rental agents or middle-men, and we don't rent apartments.    These vacation rental houses are remarkably affordable, starting at only US$ 430 per night, depending on the season.  Come with a few friends, and you have one of the best travel bargains in Rio.  This is absolutely the best way to visit Brazil.   You will get all of the exotic attractions of Rio, the companionship of your friends, and the peace and quiet of your luxury oasis.  Check out our detailed pricing schedule and understand why a luxury vacation rental home beats a hotel or apartment stay any day of the week.

Rio Holiday is so much more than a first class vacation rental, and the Rio Holiday Experience is unique to the Rio area.  We offer personalized service that starts with trip planning, advice, and a greeting and pickup at the airport - in English! It is What We Do.   You want something exotic and new, tropical and relaxing, but not too strange when it comes to comfort and safety.  We understand this because we were once just like you, busy people interested in visiting South America.


  • Full houses for your private use - not apartments!
  • Private Pool at each house
  • Beautiful ocean views
  • Air Conditioned Bedrooms
  • Full Time Maid
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Satellite TV, DVD, XBOX
  • Broadband Internet
  • PC available, or bring your own
  • Inner Spring Mattresses
  • Free Airport Pickup when you stay a week or more
  • Concierge Services
  • Guide Options
  • Cook and Food Options
  • Car and Driver Options
  • Complimentary grocery store visit on day of arrival
  • American Owned and Operated since 2004

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