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The Houses

The Mirante de Itacoatiara

This is the house that started it all.  It has 5 bedrooms and can accommodate 10 in beautiful Itacoatiara.

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The Mirante de São Francisco

For those that prefer a more urban setting, this house features fantastic views of Rio and Cristo both day and night.  It has 4.5 bedrooms and sleeps a maximum of 14.


The Mirante do Atlântico

Our most popular home with honeymooners or those wanting to get away from it all.  This house is also in Itacoatiara and can sleep up to 10.


Planning Your Trip to Brazil

You should check out the Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide from Rio Holiday.  There you will find detailed information about what to pack, when to go, what to see and do, and many other details.  The short checklist below is just to give you the highlights of what you will need to visit Brazil.

  1. Call your friends.  Although we will be happy to accommodate even single travelers, we only rent the entire house - not individual bedrooms.  This place is designed for entertainment, so tell everyone its time to Rendezvous in Rio!
  2. Check availability of the property by sending us an email or an availability request.
  3. Make sure that every person traveling has a passport that will be valid for at least 6 months after you plan to leave Brazil.  In the US, you can get this through your local post office.  More information is available at and in the Guide.
  4. Visitors from most countries, including the US and Canada, require a visa for entry to Brazil.  If you are a US citizen, there is a $100 fee.  The cheap way to do this is no more than 90 days and no less than 30 days prior to your planned arrival.  Using a visa service can cut this time down to about 3 days, but it costs extra.  See Entrance Requirements When Traveling to Brazil in the Rio Guide.
  5. Vaccinations are not required to enter Brazil unless you will be traveling to the Amazon or have recently visited certain tropical countries.  Check out our Health Concerns section in the Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide from Rio Holiday.
  6. Once you are pretty sure about your dates, you can start getting reservations.  The best deals are available 30 days are more in advance.  If you want to use miles, you should so out even further - at least 60 days, longer for special occasions like Carnival.
  7. Review what you should bring to Brazil and try to pack as lightly as possible.  Don't forget that the house has many things that you may not need to bring and that the laundry service is free.  See Amenities for details.  There is a dress guide and Packing Tips for Travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the Guide to Rio.
  8. Buy a recent tour book on Rio or Brazil.  It will be fun to read and learn more and will increase your enjoyment on your trip.